1. New zine! “Dracula Grasp” is a collection of drawings and prints influenced by cellular biology.

  2. "Mt. Skullmore" line etching with hand coloring.

  3. Chalk drawing detail

  4. Chalk Drawing (Elliott for scale)

  5. New zine “The Endless Wait is Over” is now available!

    Get it here: http://www.etsy.com/listing/125545623/zine-the-endless-wait-is-over-by-marc?

  6. "Group/Gang/Gather." Ink and marker on paper. 18"x 23"


  7. Update

    Currently working on a few large scale drawings and several intaglio prints. I am also in the process of finishing two new zines! If you haven’t checked it out yet, my art show “Pretty Odd” is on display in Cottonwood Coffee (Brookings, South Dakota) at least until March 10th.


  8. angryarti said: I saw your art up in Cottonwood and I just wanted to drop by and show some love and to let you know that I enjoy your work! Not really a question but gotta leave it somewhere :)

    Thank you very much! I really appreciate the support, and I hope you picked up a free zine!

  9. "Pretty Odd" art show of my recent work. On display at Cottonwood Coffee starting this Sunday!

  10. Enough